What is another word for showcased?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈə͡ʊke͡ɪst] (IPA)

When highlighting an item or presenting it for display, there are several synonyms for the word showcased that can be used. Some common alternatives include exhibited, displayed, demonstrated, featured, presented, demonstrated, illustrated, exposed, revealed, and unveiled. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation or emphasis. For example, exhibited may suggest a more formal or curated presentation, while presented might be more informal. Choosing the right synonym for showcased will depend on the context and intended tone of the communication. Regardless of the word chosen, it is important to clearly convey the idea of presenting something for others to see and appreciate.

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What are the hypernyms for Showcased?

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What are the opposite words for showcased?

Antonyms for the word showcased include hide, conceal, cover up, and obscure. While showcasing represents exhibiting, displaying, or highlighting something, hiding reflects an act of concealing or keeping it out of sight. Concealing or covering up could designate an intention to keep something confidential or private. Obscure denotes a lack of clarity, being unknown or forgotten, making it the exact opposite of showcasing. Thus, depending on the context, opposites of showcased can range from hiding or concealing to obscuring or covering up.

What are the antonyms for Showcased?

Famous quotes with Showcased

  • Nobody wants to see teams out of contention showcased in December and January. I'm sure this is something that will be discussed again this off-season.
    Al Michaels
  • Until and unless you resolve to showcase your love to someone else or others, believe me or not you've not yet started to love truly. For, true love is meant to be showcased or portrayed as often as you can and as long as you live.
    Emeasoba George
  • Until you resolve to showcase your love to someone else/others, believe me or don't you've not started to love truly. For, true love is meant to be showcased/portrayed as often/long as you/one can.
    Emeasoba George
  • Feeling of love without expressing it is like wrapping a gift and yet refusing to give it out to someone who it is meant for. And you ought to agree with me that an unpresented gift is never appreciated, unles­s/until it's presented to someone who it is meant for. Now, that is to say true love is meant to be expressed orally, practically and otherwise. Oh! yes, love is more than just a feeling. So, it should be showcased or shared. I mean, mere feeling of love is incomplete, until and unless it is expressed or shared by cash, kind, gift wise or otherwise. Yes! y­ou heard me right, it takes two or more to tangle or tango. Therefore, let there be proofs of your love.
    Emeasoba George

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