What is another word for grandest?

Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈandəst] (IPA)

Grandest is a word used to describe something that is impressive, magnificent, or splendid. It could be a location, an experience, or an object that is grand and awe-inspiring. Some synonyms for grandest include majestic, glorious, regal, lavish, luxurious, magnificent, impressive, stunning, and extravagant. These words evoke the same sense of awe and wonder that the word grandest does, and they can be used interchangeably to make a text sound more sophisticated and elegant. When choosing from the list of grandest synonyms, it is crucial to pay attention to the tone of the sentence, the context of the word, and the desired effect.

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What are the hypernyms for Grandest?

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What are the opposite words for grandest?

The antonyms for the word "grandest" denote something that is more humble and unassuming with a lack of grandeur or magnificence. Some possible antonyms that can be used in place of "grandest" might include "small," "modest," "humble," "unimpressive," "unpretentious," or "unostentatious." These words all represent a less showy or ostentatious version of greatness, suggesting something that is modest in scale, unassuming in appearance, or lacking in a sense of grandeur or magnificence. While the precise antonym may depend on the context in which "grandest" is being used, using one of these alternative terms can communicate a very different sense of scale or significance to the listener or reader.

What are the antonyms for Grandest?

Famous quotes with Grandest

  • The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention.
    Roger Nash Baldwin
  • The grandest of all laws is the law of progressive development. Under it, in the wide sweep of things, men grow wiser as they grow older, and societies better.
    Christian Nestell Bovee
  • The grandest thing has been the lifting up of the gates and the opening of the doors to the women of America, giving liberty to twenty-seven million women, thus opening to them a new and larger life and a higher ideal.
    Olympia Brown
  • Call for the grandest of all earthly spectacles, what is that? It is the sun going to his rest.
    Thomas de Quincey
  • Two thousand years ago there was One here on this earth who lived the grandest life that ever has been lived yet - a life that every thinking man, with deeper or shallower meaning, has agreed to call divine.
    Frederick William Robertson

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