What is another word for bewitching?

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There are several synonyms for the word "bewitching" that can be used to describe something that has a charming and enchanting effect on someone. Examples include "enchanting," "captivating," "alluring," "charismatic," "mesmerizing," and "entrancing." These words can be used to describe a person, place, or thing that has a captivating quality that draws you in. Whether it be the enchanting beauty of a sunrise, the mesmerizing voice of a singer, or the charismatic personality of a friend, these synonyms for "bewitching" convey a sense of attraction that is both powerful and alluring.

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How to use "Bewitching" in context?

There's definitely a certain allure to bewitchment. Whether it's with the siren song of a beautiful sorceress or the mysterious charms of a witch, there's something inherently alluring about being able to captivate and control another person. In some ways, bewitching is like a magic spell that can make anything possible. And that might be one of the reasons why it's so captivating and so difficult to resist.

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