What is another word for decorative?

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Decorative is a word that describes something that adds beauty, interest, or style to a space or object. Some synonyms for decorative include ornamental, embellishing, adornment, and beautifying. Other words that can be used to describe things that are decorative are flashy, showy, ostentatious, and glamorous. When talking about decorative art or design, words like intricate, delicate, tasteful, and aesthetic are often used. Other synonyms for decorative could include charming, elegant, attractive, and stylish. Regardless of which word is chosen, the connotation remains the same: decorative things are intended to make something look better or more interesting than it did before.

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What are the opposite words for decorative?

Decorative is a term used for enhancing or beautifying something. Antonyms for the word 'decorative' would be words that indicate a lack of decoration or embellishment. Some of the antonyms for decorative could be plain, dull, unadorned, barren, or austere. Other antonyms could include drab, lifeless, uninspiring or unremarkable. The opposite of decorative is something that is simple or functional, and serves just its basic purpose without any additional ornamentation. While decorative items add beauty and charm to places, antonyms for decorative create a sense of minimalism or unadorned simplicity. These words convey a sense of practicality, austerity, and a lack of ornamentation.

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