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Expelled is a term used to describe the act of being forced or removed from a place or situation. There are various synonyms for the word expelled, and these include ejected, banished, dismissed, removed, excluded, and evicted. To be ejected is to be kicked out of a place, sack, or job. Banished refers to being exiled permanently or temporarily from a certain place. The term dismissed is commonly used in a job setting to describe being fired from a job. Removed is a broad term that can refer to being taken off a particular premise, group, or position, while excluded is used to describe someone who is deliberately kept out of a particular group or place. Lastly, evicted implies being forced out of a property or an accommodation.

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"Expelled" is a controversial 2009 British documentary film that explores the experiences of twelve children who were either expelled or threatened with expulsion from the UK's schools. The film's release was met with criticism from the UK's school system, with many educators and parents feeling that it portrayed schools in a negative light. "Expelled" has since been released in other countries, where it has also received criticism.

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