What is another word for Canceled?

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Canceled is a word that is often used to indicate the cancellation or termination of an event, appointment, reservation or transaction. Some commonly used synonyms for this word include "called off," "postponed," "scrapped," "abandoned," "suspended," "halted," "axed," "withheld," and "discontinued". Each of these synonyms has a slightly different connotation and may be used in specific contexts depending on the nature of the cancellation. For instance, "postponed" is often used when an event or appointment has been pushed back to a later date, while "scrapped" suggests that an idea or plan has been completely abandoned or rejected. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the tone and context of the communication.

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How to use "Canceled" in context?

When one cancels a reservation, they are essentially telling the hotel "I'm not coming. You can use the room for someone else." There are a few different reasons why a person might cancel a reservation, but the most common is that something came up and the person couldn't make it. If a person cancels a reservation more than 72 hours in advance, the hotel is allowed to re-sell the room to someone else. If a person cancels less than 72 hours in advance, the hotel is not allowed to re-sell the room, but they are still responsible for the money the person paid.

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