What is another word for Annulled?

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Annulled is a term that signifies the cancellation or invalidation of a contract, a marriage, or an agreement. There are various ways to express the same idea as annulled, including, repealed, revoked, nullified, invalidated, quashed, terminated, rescinded. All of these terms refer to the undoing of something that was previously established or agreed-upon. To annul a decision or an action implies that it never existed in the first place, so similar words that convey the same idea include abolished, negated, abrogated, and annulled is also used to indicate nullification of laws. In short, there are numerous synonyms for annulled that can be used in different contexts, yet all carry the same meaning of being cancelled or void.

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    How to use "Annulled" in context?

    When a contract or agreement is "Annulled" it means that it is no longer in effect. The contract or agreement can be annulled by either party, often as a result of a disagreement. If one party chooses to annul the contract or agreement, then the other party is no longer bound by its terms.

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