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"Gnarl" is a term that refers to an irregular and twisted shape of an object or person. Many synonyms can be used to describe this kind of shape, such as "knotty," "twisted," "bumpy," or "gnarled." Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but all relate to the same basic idea that an object or person has a rough and uneven appearance. "Knotty" suggests that the object has knots that make it uneven, while "twisted" implies that the object has been twisted out of shape. "Bumpy" means that the object has bumps or protrusions, and "gnarled" has a similar meaning, suggesting that the object has knotty or rough areas.

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Apart from their appearance, gnarls could also possess magical powers. Some believed that all gnarls were endowed with some ability, such as the power to cast spells or summon creatures. Others believed that gnarls could grant the wishes of the person who defeated them.

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  • gnarle.

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