What is another word for meritorious?

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Meritorious is a word that describes something that is worthy, deserving, or commendable. Some synonyms of this word include admirable, praiseworthy, commendable, laudable, honorable, worthy, and deserving. These words suggest that something is particularly deserving of recognition or reward, often implying a significant level of effort or accomplishment. Other synonyms include noteworthy, distinguished, exceptional, outstanding, and illustrious, which describe things that are recognized for their exceptional qualities or achievements. Using synonyms for meritorious can help to add variety and nuance to one's writing, helping to convey a particular tone or emphasis.

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What are the opposite words for meritorious?

Meritorious refers to actions or qualities that are deserving of praise, honor or reward. Antonyms for meritorious would be qualities or actions that are not deserving of praise or honor. Some antonyms for meritorious could include: 1. Unworthy: Meaning something is not deserving of respect or honor. 2. Discreditable: Meaning behavior or traits that are shameful or damaging to one's reputation. 3. Ignoble: Meaning actions or qualities that are base, mean, or lacking in honor. 4. Inferior: Meaning something of lower quality or value than what is expected or desired. 5. Incompetent: Meaning someone who is unable to perform their responsibilities or duties effectively. In conclusion, the antonyms for meritorious highlight qualities that are not deserving of recognition or praise.

Usage examples for Meritorious

He always thought it was considered rather meritorious if a man with small capital, by hard work, honest dealing, and self-denial, managed to raise himself and get up in the world.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
Hugh Horry, in the field, were certainly highly meritorious; but he never rendered his country more effectual aid than by this act of friendly persuasion.
"A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion"
William Dobein James
A gentle, grave, and quiet man, he had loved the magnanimity and independence so curiously mingled with mere vanity and egotism in Alfieri's nature; he had never tired of hearing his friend's plans for the future, had never smiled at his almost comic certainty of supreme greatness, he had never lost patience with the self-meritorious egotism which made all Alfieri's actions seem the one interest of the world in Alfieri's own eyes.
"The Countess of Albany"
Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee)

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