What is another word for refrain from?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfɹˈe͡ɪn fɹɒm] (IPA)

The phrase "refrain from" is often used to indicate a conscious decision to avoid certain behaviors or actions. There are a number of synonyms for this phrase, including "abstain from," "forbear from," "hold back from," "restrain oneself from," and "desist from." Each of these options carries slightly different connotations, with "abstain from" often indicating a deliberate and formal decision to avoid something, while "forbear from" emphasizes restraint and self-control. "Hold back from" suggests a more active effort to resist temptation, while "restrain oneself from" emphasizes the need for self-discipline. "Desist from" is a more formal and somewhat old-fashioned term that carries a sense of cessation or stopping rather than simply avoiding.

What are the hypernyms for Refrain from?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for refrain from?

Antonyms for the phrase "refrain from" include words like indulge, engage in, participate in, yield to, embrace, give in to, and allow oneself. These antonyms imply that the individual is pursuing an activity or behavior fully and without any restraint. Refraining, on the other hand, means having the self-control to abstain from something that might be desirable, but not necessarily good for the person in the long run. Understanding antonyms for "refrain from" can help individuals identify situations where they need to exert self-control and make responsible choices. Using these alternatives can help people lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

What are the antonyms for Refrain from?

Famous quotes with Refrain from

  • When I'm forced by circumstances to be in a crowd of prisoners, it's all I can do to refrain from attack.
    Jack Henry Abbott
  • The generality of men are naturally apt to be swayed by fear rather than reverence, and to refrain from evil rather because of the punishment that it brings than because of its own foulness.
  • To refrain from imitation is the best revenge.
    Marcus Aurelius
  • Child! Do not throw this book about; refrain from the unholy pleasure of cutting all the pictures out.
    Hilaire Belloc
  • That does not mean that we must forego just and fair criticism, or refrain from opposition to policies which are debatable or which do not command our approval.
    Bainbridge Colby

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