What is another word for go easy on?

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[ ɡˌə͡ʊ ˈiːzi ˈɒn], [ ɡˌə‍ʊ ˈiːzi ˈɒn], [ ɡ_ˌəʊ ˈiː_z_i_ ˈɒ_n]

Synonyms for Go easy on:

How to use "Go easy on" in context?

When working with a new data center project, the temptation is to go all out and maximize every square inch of available space. But quick decisions can lead to expensive mistakes, so it's important to go easy on the new environment.

For starters, calculate your server capacity needs realistically. You don't want to overbuild only to find out that demand for your services unexpectedly outstrips available resources. And don't rush your decision to buy new servers or servers from a hosting provider-these purchases can have long-term impacts on your organization's financial health and online presence.

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