What is another word for acquiesce?

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Acquiesce is a word that is commonly used to describe someone who agrees to do something despite not wanting to. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used in its place. One synonym for acquiesce is to comply or obey, which means to follow the instructions or orders of another person. Another synonym is to yield, which means to give way or submit to someone or something. A third synonym for acquiesce is to consent, which means to give permission or approval to something. Other similar words include capitulate, which means to surrender or give up, and submit, which means to hand over or give in to someone else's demands.

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    Often when people hear the word "acquiesce", they think of a person who largely agrees with whatever a person is saying, or a person who does not fight back or express their feelings strongly. Webster's Dictionary defines "acquiesce" as "to undergo or comply with (a request, demand, or proposition) in a passive or humble manner". This definition often reflects the popular understanding of the word. However, this understanding of "acquiesce" is only partial and fails to capture the full range of its meaning.

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