What is another word for relent?

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Relent refers to the act of becoming less severe or harsh. It is a word that can be used in various contexts, such as in weather, conflicts, emotions, or situations. Some synonyms that can be used for the word relent include ease, soften, relax, slacken, moderate, mitigate, abate, assuage, relenting, and yield. These words convey a similar meaning to that of relent, but they might have slight differences depending on the context and the intention of the speaker or writer. Using synonyms like these can add variety to a piece of writing or speech and make it more interesting and engaging.

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    Relentlessness is one of the key defining characteristics of those who are successful. They never give up, no matter the challenge. They refuse to relent until the goal has been achieved. These individuals aren't always comfortable with change, but they channel that energy into their pursuits in order to achieve their goals. In order to be a successful Relentless individual, you must be willing to put in the hard work and stay focused on your goals.There are many challenges that face those who want to achieve success. Many people give up when faced with difficult tasks. However, those who are successful don't give up.

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