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Hijacking is a term that often refers to the unlawful seizure of a person or vehicle. It can also refer to the act of illegally taking control over electronic systems or information. However, there are several other words that are synonymous with the term hijack. Some of these words include seize, take over, commandeer, expropriate, and appropriate. Each of these terms implies an illegal and improper acquisition of authority or property. Whether it's a group of pirates hijacking a ship, cybercriminals hijacking an organization's networks, or thieves hijacking goods, these actions are always unlawful and carry severe consequences.

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When someone says the word "hijack," it conjures up images of Peoples' Liberation Front (PLF) terrorists storming a plane, pistol-waving hijackers taking over a passenger jet, or brazen criminals commandeering a car. Ironically, the "flight attendants" responsible for safety and security on a plane are usually the ones who are the most solicitous of those fleeing a hijack.

The word "hijack" comes from the Dutch word "hijacken," which means "to seize suddenly and forcibly, especially by force of arms." In the U.S.

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