What is another word for ransack?

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[ ɹˈansak], [ ɹˈansak], [ ɹ_ˈa_n_s_a_k]

Ransack is a word that refers to the act of searching through something in a rough or violent manner. There are several synonyms for ransack, including plunder, pillage, loot, raid, and ravage. These words all have a similar meaning and imply a forceful and aggressive search for something. Other synonyms for ransack include search, comb, delve, and sift, which suggest a less extreme or violent search. Additionally, the word rummage can be used as a synonym for ransack, but generally implies a more disorganized or haphazard search. Whatever the word used, each of these synonyms implies a thorough and intensive search for something valuable or useful.

Synonyms for Ransack:

How to use "Ransack" in context?

The word "ransack" comes from the medieval practice of ransacking, or stealing possessions from a house or individual. In modern usage, "ransack" typically refers to a search for information, especially electronically.

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