What is another word for rip off?

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When we feel we've been cheated, scammed, or unfairly charged, we might say that we've been "ripped off." However, there are several other colorful ways to express this sentiment. For example, you could say that someone has "swindled" you, "fleeced" you, or "bamboozled" you. Other synonyms for "rip off" include "rip someone's wallet," "pick someone's pocket," or "pull a fast one." If you feel like you've been taken advantage of or exploited, you could also say that you've been "gouged," "ripped asunder," or "shafted." Whatever term you choose, it's important to express your dissatisfaction and demand fair treatment.

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How to use "Rip off" in context?

What is a rip off? A rip off is an illegal, unethical, or undeserved business practice involving a company taking advantage of a consumer. This can occur when the consumer is overcharged, has to spend too much time dealing with the company, or receives substandard service. Rip offs can also be a result of deceptive advertising or selling defective products. Rip offs can happen at any stage of a purchase, from the time a customer first contacts the company to the time they receive their product.

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