What is another word for hotfoot?

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Hotfoot is a phrase commonly used to describe someone moving quickly or leaving in a hurry. However, there are synonyms that can be used to switch things up. Another word for hotfoot is hasten, which means to move quickly or accelerate. One could also use the word scurry, which means to move hurriedly or with small quick steps. Rush is another synonym that means to hurry or move with great speed. Other words that can be used instead of hotfoot include hustle, sprint, dash, and bolt. So, the next time you need a word to describe someone moving quickly, don't forget about these helpful synonyms!

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    Hotfoot is a foot massage technique in which the feet are placed in hot water or other hot environment. massage techniques by using hot foots to stimulate the normal nerve endings and promote blood flow. This stimulation helps to reduce tension and stress in the body. Hotfoot can also be used to alleviate pain and inflammation.

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