What is another word for blankly?

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[ blˈaŋkli], [ blˈaŋkli], [ b_l_ˈa_ŋ_k_l_i]

Synonyms for Blankly:

How to use "Blankly" in context?

1. "blankly" is a word that means without any text. It can be used as a noun or as an adjective.

2. It is usually used to describe actions or behaviors that are not specifically defined.

3. The word can be used to describe anything that is empty or without content.

4. Some people use the word to describe people or things that they find very boring or uninteresting.

5. The word is often used in informal contexts to replace words like "irrelevantly" or "absentmindedly.

Homophones for Blankly:

  • blankley.

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