What is another word for rely?

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Rely is a word that denotes the action of depending or counting on someone or something. There are several synonyms for rely, such as trust, confide, bank on, depend on, lean on, and count on. Trust is a synonym for rely that implies a firm belief in the reliability, integrity, and truthfulness of the person or entity. Confide refers to the act of entrusting or disclosing private matters to someone relying on their discretion and support. Bank on refers to putting faith in a favorable outcome or counting on something with certainty. Depend on, lean on, and count on mean the same as rely, indicating a need for something or someone to perform or behave as expected or needed.

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Rely means to depend on someone or something, but sometimes we need to find the opposite of rely. The antonym of rely is 'distrust,' which means to have no confidence or trust in someone or something. Another antonym for rely is 'disbelieve,' which means to refuse to accept as true or real. The third antonym for rely is 'doubt,' which means to have uncertainty or skepticism about someone or something. Therefore, when you cannot trust someone or something to do what it is supposed to do, or you need to express doubt or disbelief, these antonyms for rely can be used.

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