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Centrist is a term that is used to describe individuals who hold a moderate position on the political spectrum. These individuals tend to have beliefs that are not radically left or right, but instead advocate for a balanced approach to solving political issues. Synonyms for centrist include moderate, middle-of-the-road, nonpartisan, bipartisan, and neutral. Modern-day politics has shown a move towards more polarizing views, making the centrists a rarer breed. Nonetheless, the need for centrists in the political spectrum is essential, as it provides for a more balanced and pragmatic approach to political issues. Ultimately, the centrists' importance cannot be overemphasized as it fuels dialogue and helps to maintain a stable democracy.

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Centrist is a term used to describe people or ideologies that are moderate or middle-of-the-road in their approach. The antonyms of centrist are those ideologies or people who are at the extremes of the political spectrum. For example, far-left ideologies like socialism and communism are the antonyms of centrist, while far-right ideologies like fascism and authoritarianism are also antonyms to centrist. Other antonyms of centrist could include words like extremist, radical or reactionary. These are people who are less willing to compromise and are more likely to hold strong views on a particular issue, often to the exclusion of other perspectives.

Usage examples for Centrist

He listened for a while to the centrist-Management member who was speaking; he could rip that fellow's arguments to shreds in a hundred words-but he didn't dare.
"Time Crime"
H. Beam Piper
This was very clever, as it brought the centrist party in Silesia into direct conflict with the party who wanted to restore the young Prince Niblick to the throne; thereby causing no end of trouble and nasty feeling.
"Love Conquers All"
Robert C. Benchley
"I am not a centrist, if that means to be in the center of the party as it is today.
"The Red Conspiracy"
Joseph J. Mereto

Famous quotes with Centrist

  • I'm definitely a centrist and feel like both parties can be absurd.
    Brad Bird
  • I consider my voice to be a centrist moderate voice among the nine Democratic candidates.
    Bob Graham
  • Most centrist Democrats... try to distance themselves from controversies that recall the 1960s. There are journalistic centrists as well, who avoid hard truths for the sake of acceptance and legitimacy.
    Tom Hayden
  • My audience is much more center right, or centrist.
    Chris Matthews
  • What Keys, Laszlo, Falk, and many other New Agers arte proposing … could be called a "planetary guidance system." ... A planetary guidance system would regulate the world, not run it. ... Does this chapter strike you as impossibly idealistic? In 2011, Parag Khanna of the New America Foundation argued that a decentralized planetary guidance system is currently arising outside the confines of the United Nations. To Khanna, it consists of an ever-changing (depending on the issue) array of representatives of governments, non-governmental organizations (nonprofits), corporations, super-wealthy individuals, and universities. Although Khanna, a buttoned-down radical centrist, doesn't use terms like "synergic power" and "win-win approach," it is obvious from his text that that's exactly how (some of) these entities are beginning to operate in the global context.
    Mark Satin

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