What is another word for chew up?

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[ t͡ʃjˈuː ˈʌp], [ t‍ʃjˈuː ˈʌp], [ tʃ_j_ˈuː ˈʌ_p]

When it comes to expressing the act of chewing something well or excessively, there are many synonyms for the phrase "chew up." Some alternatives to consider include masticate, gnaw, chomp, crunch, grind, pulp, and chaw. These words all convey the physical motion of biting down and breaking apart pieces of food with one's teeth. Additionally, chew up can also refer to destroying or devouring something figuratively or metaphorically. Other synonyms for this meaning might include demolish, destroy, consume, devour, or ravage. Overall, while "chew up" is a simple and straightforward term, there are many other words that can convey similar meanings depending on the context.

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How to use "Chew up" in context?

Chew up is the perfect word to describe the sensation of a piece of food being slowly pulled through your teeth and into your stomach. When you chew, you use your molars and your cheeks to crush and grind the food. This process breaks down the food into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow.

When you chew slowly, you also help to enfranchise your jaw muscles. Some muscles actually get stronger when they're exercisedplenty of people who chew gum actually enjoy less dental problems because of it. When you chew slowly, it's more like you're chewing your food to savor it, not just fill up your mouth.

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