What is another word for diverted?

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[ da͡ɪvˈɜːtɪd], [ da‍ɪvˈɜːtɪd], [ d_aɪ_v_ˈɜː_t_ɪ_d]

The word "diverted" means to change the direction or focus of something. There are several synonyms that convey similar meanings, such as redirected, re-routed, deflected, turned aside, switched, sidetracked, and detoured. These words can be used interchangeably with "diverted" in sentences such as "The traffic was redirected due to construction," or "She sidetracked the conversation by changing the subject." Other synonyms for "diverted" include shifted, refocused, veered, deviated, and switched over. Regardless of which word is used, they all convey the idea of changing the course of something or someone in a different direction.

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    How to use "Diverted" in context?

    Most people have a general understanding of what is meant when they hear the term "diverted." This is when someone's attention is drawn away from what they are supposed to be doing and towards something that is not of interest to them. Diverted can also be used when describing the behavior of an object or person that is moving erratically away from its intended destination.

    There are many reasons why a person might become diverted from their original purpose. It can be caused by external factors such as a sudden noise or visual stimulus. It can also be the result of an internal conflict or dilemma that a person is experiencing.

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