What is another word for Embellishing?

Pronunciation: [ɛmbˈɛlɪʃɪŋ] (IPA)

Embellishing is often associated with adding decorative elements to something, but there are many synonyms for this word that convey different meanings. "Enhancing" suggests making something better or more valuable. "Exaggerating" implies adding extra or hyperbolic details. "Ornamenting" connotes adding decorative elements that enhance the appearance of something. "Aggrandizing" suggests the act of glorifying or magnifying an object or idea. "Beautifying" implies the act of making something more beautiful or attractive. "Furbishing" implies improving or refreshing something. "Adorning" suggests the act of adding decorative elements that enhance the beauty or charm of something. "Gilding" refers to adding a golden or shiny layer to an object. All these synonyms help to convey the idea of embellishing but in different ways.

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Usage examples for Embellishing

More fortifying, Embellishing, and pestilence followed, and in 1429 Michelangelo came to inspect the new fortifications which the Florentine republic had built at Leghorn to repair the damages she had suffered.
"Roman Holidays and Others"
W. D. Howells
Franchita, as every evening, looked long at her son, looked at him Embellishing and growing, taking more and more an air of decision and of force, as his brown mustache was more and more marked above his fresh lips.
Pierre Loti
But you have never explained yourself to Hester, and even to me you are Embellishing the matter with all the might in your persuasive pen.
"The Kempton-Wace Letters"
Jack London Anna Strunsky

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