What is another word for tog?

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[ tˈɒɡ], [ tˈɒɡ], [ t_ˈɒ_ɡ]

Tog is a word commonly used as a noun meaning clothing worn for a particular activity or occasion. Synonyms for the word tog could include clothing, attire, outfit, garb, dress and costume. These words could be used interchangeably with tog depending on context. Other synonyms for the word could also include uniform, habit, robe, suit, gear, accoutrement, regalia, and vestment. Depending on the specific type of clothing referred to, certain synonyms may be more applicable. For example, uniform or vestment may be used to describe clothing worn for religious or ceremonial purposes, while gear or accoutrement may be used to describe clothing designed for outdoor activities or work.

Synonyms for Tog:

How to use "Tog" in context?

The word "tog" is a noun meaning "a small distance traveled." It is also an antiquated term for a traveler. It can also refer to the act of traveling a tog.

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