What is another word for relegate?

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When seeking out synonyms for the word "relegate", one could consider a wide range of alternatives. In terms of conveying a similar meaning, one might contemplate words like "demote", "downgrade", "lower", and "reduce". Alternatively, synonyms that capture more specifically the idea of assigning someone or something to a less important role or status could include such options as "consign", "entrust", "delegate", or "assign". Other related terms that could convey a similar idea could include "banish", "exile", "ostracize", or "isolate". Ultimately, the choice of synonym would depend on the context and nuance of the intended meaning.

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    The English word "relegate" is a translation of a Latin word that means "to set aside for a specific use." In the world of business, this term can be used to refer to a decision to assign a certain task or responsibility to someone other than the person who originally requested it. This can be done in order to free up resources or to promote a more efficient workflow.

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