What is another word for dodgy?

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When you're trying to describe something or someone as unreliable or questionable, the word "dodgy" is often used. However, there are plenty of synonyms or similar words that could be used in its place. For example, some alternatives might include sketchy, suspect, or questionable. Other options could include shady, dubious, fishy, or even untrustworthy. Ultimately, the choice of which synonym to use will depend on the context and tone of the conversation or writing. But no matter which word you choose, you'll be conveying the idea that something or someone is not entirely trustworthy or dependable.

Synonyms for Dodgy:

How to use "Dodgy" in context?

1. In informal usage, 'dodgy' usually means suspect, not honest. It may also be used to describe something that is not particularly good, reliable or safe.

2. The word may be derived from the word 'dodge', which originally meant to avoid or evade a danger. Today, dodgy usually means unsafe or unworthy of trust.

3. The adjective dodgy can also be used informally to describe someone or something that is not very good at being secretive or deceptive.

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