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The term 'labored' can be interchanged with several synonyms that add depth and description to its meaning. Some of these synonyms include difficult, arduous, strenuous, hard, demanding, and challenging. They all convey the idea of exertion, struggle, or toiling. The word 'difficult' implies something that is not easy to accomplish or requires much effort. 'Arduous' suggests a task that is physically or mentally demanding. The word 'strenuous' connotes extreme effort or exertion, while 'hard' simply implies a high degree of complexity or difficulty. 'Demanding' can refer to anything that involves a lot of work and effort, while 'challenging' suggests that the task is difficult, but achievable. Overall, these synonyms can be used interchangeably for the word 'labored' depending on the context in which they are used.

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Labored breathing is a symptom of many diseases, most notably asthma and pneumonia. In asthma, the airway becomes inflamed and narrowed, leading to breathlessness and hyperventilation. In pneumonia, the infection sets in and causes the lungs to become congested and dry. The combination of these factors can result in labored breathing. Both asthma and pneumonia can be treated with medication and adaptive therapy, such as using an indoor air filter. However, if the condition is severe, surgery may be necessary to remove the obstruction.

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