What is another word for making good?

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[ mˌe͡ɪkɪŋ ɡˈʊd], [ mˌe‍ɪkɪŋ ɡˈʊd], [ m_ˌeɪ_k_ɪ_ŋ ɡ_ˈʊ_d]

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    Synonyms for Making good:

    How to use "Making good" in context?

    When you make good choices, it feels good. Not only do you feel good about yourself, but you also have an increased sense of ownership and control over your life. The key to making good decisions is learning to trust yourself, and making sure you have a good foundation in place.

    If you want to create positive habits, start by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals. Once you've completed a goal, be sure to give yourself a pat on the back. Tell yourself how proud you are of yourself, and how much better your life will be because of your new accomplishment.

    Make sure you surround yourself with good people.

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