What is another word for burr?

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Burr is a word that describes a rough or prickly surface or object. Some synonyms for burr include barb, prick, thorn, spike, projection, jag, spur, point, and bristle. Burr can also be used in relation to a grinding tool, and synonyms for this include millstone, grinder, crusher, mortar, and pestle. Burr is often associated with the sound made by certain insects such as bees or beetles, and synonyms for this include buzz, drone, hum, whir, and whine. The word burr is also occasionally used to describe a type of speech impediment, and synonyms for this include lisp, stutter, and stammer.

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    A burr is a physical object that is created when a piece of metal is rapidly cooled after being heated. This causes the metal to harden in a variety of shapes and sizes. Burring is most commonly seen on the tips of blades, which can cause the blade to become nicked and to fray. Burring can also occur when metal is cooled too quickly, creating small ridges on the surface.

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