What is another word for squeak?

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Squeak is a unique word that refers to a high-pitched, often irritating sound made by something rubbing against something else. However, there are several synonyms for this word. For instance, screech is a synonym for squeak that is often used to describe a loud, high-pitched noise made by birds or vehicles. Another synonym for squeak is chirp, which usually applies to birds or insects. Creak is another synonym for squeak that describes the sound made by an old wooden floor or door. Finally, whine is a synonym for squeak that's often used to describe a high-pitched sound made by a complaining person.

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    The word "squeak" is a verb meaning to emit a high-pitched sound. The word is derived from the Anglo-Norman word "squek," which originally meant to cry aloud or to lament in a plaintive manner.

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