What is another word for clamber?

Pronunciation: [klˈambə] (IPA)

Clambering is defined as climbing or crawling with difficulty and effort. Some synonyms for clamber include scramble, crawl, scale, ascend, mount, shimmy, clamber up, and creep. Scrambling suggests a quick, urgent movement upward similar to a sprint. Crawling implies a slower, lower movement on hands and knees. Scaling emphasizes climbing in a straight line, while ascending suggests a more gradual ascent. Mounting typically refers to climbing on top of something, such as a horse. Shimmying involves wriggling up in a twisting motion, and creeping is generally used to describe a slow, quiet movement.

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Usage examples for Clamber

Sometimes she had to clamber right away, because the rocks towered up above her head and became impassable.
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn
But Freddy considers it quite beneath his dignity to go to bed with the chickens, and prefers to clamber upon his father's knee.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
With every gesture of politeness she hastened to clamber up on to the billows of feathers and white quilt.
"The Pastor's Wife"
Elizabeth von Arnim

Famous quotes with Clamber

  • If I, so close to the peak, could glean no joy from that rarefied air, the air I was told, as soon as I’d acquired language, would absolve me, if in fact all I gleaned was the view from that peak, the vista true, that the whole climb had been a spellbound clamber up an edifice of foolishness, then what possible salvation can there be for those at the foothills or dying on the slopes or those for whom the climb is not even an option? What is their solution? Well, it’s the same solution that’s available to me, the only solution that will make any of us free. To detach the harness and fall within. Now that’s what I call an extended metaphor. In Fairfield, Iowa, then, there could be the solution. But none of us want a boring solution. The Revolution cannot be boring.
    Russell Brand
  • Giant and great as this Dean is, I say we should hoot him. Some of this audience mayn't have read the last part of Gulliver, and to such I would recall the advice of the venerable Mr. Punch to persons about to marry, and say, 'Don't'. When Gulliver first lands among the Yahoos, the naked howling wretches clamber up trees and assault him, and he describes himself as 'almost stifled with the filth which fell about him.' The reader of the fourth part of is like the hero himself in this instance. It is Yahoo language: a monster gibbering shrieks, and gnashing imprecations against mankind — tearing down all shreds of modesty, past all sense of manliness and shame; filthy in word, filthy in thought, furious, raging, obscene.
    Jonathan Swift

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