What is another word for comatose?

Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊmɐtˌə͡ʊz] (IPA)

Comatose is an adjective that means to be in a state of deep unconsciousness. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used in different contexts. Some of the most common synonyms include unconscious, asleep, in a stupor, insensible, and out cold. Others include senseless, lifeless, inert, motionless, and idle. Each of these synonyms helps to describe the state of being comatose in a particular way, depending on the situation. For instance, using the word insensible may suggest that a person's condition is such that they are unresponsive to external stimuli, while using the word lifeless might suggest that the person is unresponsive and shows no signs of life.

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What are the opposite words for comatose?

Comatose is a medical term that describes an unconscious state where an individual is unresponsive to any external stimuli. Some antonyms for comatose are alert, conscious, and awake. Alert refers to being fully aware of one's surroundings and able to respond appropriately to any stimuli, while conscious means being awake and aware of oneself and one's surroundings. Awake denotes being out of a dormant or inactive state, and responsive to the world around you. Other antonyms for comatose include lively, active, and energetic. These words might be used to describe someone who is full of energy and vitality, in sharp contrast to someone who appears to be comatose.

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Usage examples for Comatose

The true comatose state was not present in any, but only a slight one noticed in cases 4 and 5. The other cases were generally delirious in the beginning.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller
On the following day, however, he became comatose, and instead of having the antidote freely administered, gets only one more injection of five minims and dies in coma.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller
On persons really bitten, but completely paralysed and comatose, observations were also unsatisfactory, as they had to be supplemented by second-hand evidence obtained from those who had been with them before they became unconscious.
"On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote"
A. Mueller

Famous quotes with Comatose

  • With each tentative tiptoe and stumble, I had to inwardly assure myself that I was a good comedian and that my life was not pointless. “I am addicted to comfort,” I thought as I tumbled into the wood chips. I have become divorced from nature; I don’t know what the names of the trees and birds are. I don’t know what berries to eat or which stars will guide me home. I don’t know how to sleep outside in a wood or skin a rabbit. We have become like living cutlets, sanitized into cellular ineptitude. They say that supermarkets have three days’ worth of food. That if there was a power cut, in three days the food would spoil. That if cash machines stopped working, if cars couldn’t be filled with fuel, if homes were denied warmth, within three days we’d be roaming the streets like pampered savages, like urban zebras with nowhere to graze. The comfort has become a prison; we’ve allowed them to turn us into waddling pipkins. What is civilization but dependency? Now, I’m not suggesting we need to become supermen; that solution has been averred before and did not end well. Prisoners of comfort, we dread the Apocalypse. What will we do without our pre-packed meals and cozy jails and soporific glowing screens rocking us comatose? The Apocalypse may not arrive in a bright white instant; it may creep into the present like a fog. All about us we may see the shipwrecked harbingers foraging in the midsts of our excess. What have we become that we can tolerate adjacent destitution? That we can amble by ragged despair at every corner? We have allowed them to sever us from God, and until we take our brothers by the hand we will find no peace.
    Russell Brand

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