What is another word for under-sized?

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[ ˌʌndəsˈa͡ɪzd], [ ˌʌndəsˈa‍ɪzd], [ ˌʌ_n_d_ə_s_ˈaɪ_z_d]

The term "under-sized" implies that something or someone is too small or inadequate in size. Synonyms for "under-sized" include "undersized", "small", "tiny", "petite", "diminutive", "miniature", "pint-sized", "compact", "dinky" and "little". These words can be used to describe anything from clothing that is too small to objects that are too tiny to be of use. In the case of people, these words can be used to describe someone who is shorter or smaller than average. Whether used to describe objects or people, these synonymous terms all convey the same message: something is too small to be effective or useful.

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How to use "Under-sized" in context?

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