What is another word for air current?

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Air current refers to a flow of air that moves in a particular direction or pattern. In order to expand your vocabulary and add variety to your writing about air currents, there are several synonyms that can be used. One such synonym is airflow, which pertains to the passage or movement of air from one point to another. Breeze is another synonym for air current, which typically indicates a gentle or mild flow of air. Other synonyms for air current include draft, gust, wind, zephyr, and airflow. Using different synonyms for air current can help add depth and interest to your writing, providing accurate descriptions and vivid imagery.

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    When you're outdoors, the wind is constantly moving air around. This wind is not just a simple breeze -- it's an air current. Air currents can be helpful or dangerous depending on how strong they are. Strong air currents can carry objects quickly and easily. But strong air currents can also push people and objects around.

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