What is another word for beaut?

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[ bjˈuːt], [ bjˈuːt], [ b_j_ˈuː_t]

Related words: manicure and pedicure, nail care, spa, salon, makeup artist

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    Synonyms for Beaut:

    How to use "Beaut" in context?

    The word "beaut" is derived from the Old French word "beault" meaning "good look," or "handsomeness." Historically, the word has been used to describe both external and internal qualities in a person. External beauty is typically associated with features such as skin color, hair type, and body size. Internal beauty, on the other hand, refers to qualities such as emotions, thoughts, and sense of self.

    External beauty often depends on factors like genetics and natural appearance. However, many people find that cosmetic surgery can also help to improve their appearance.

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