What is another word for all but?

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[ ˈɔːl bˌʌt], [ ˈɔːl bˌʌt], [ ˈɔː_l b_ˌʌ_t]

Looking for synonyms of the phrase "all but"? Well, here are some words that are commonly used interchangeably with it. First and foremost, "almost" or "nearly" convey the same idea as "all but". For instance, when you say, "I all but forgot my keys," you can also say, "I almost forgot my keys." Another synonym to consider is "virtually," which means "for all practical purposes." It implies that something is true or exists in effect. To illustrate, "I've virtually completed the project" is the same as "I all but finished the project." Overall, these synonyms are practical alternatives that can enrich your writing and speech.

Synonyms for All but:

How to use "All but" in context?

All but means "except for" or "except for the fact that". When used in a sentence, it is often followed by a list of things that are not included in the exception.

The team was all but eliminated from contention when the opposing team scored late in the game.

This means the team was not eliminated from contention, but they were close.

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