What is another word for put back?

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[ pˌʊt bˈak], [ pˌʊt bˈak], [ p_ˌʊ_t b_ˈa_k]

Synonyms for Put back:

How to use "Put back" in context?

When someone is unpleasant or irritating, we may say that person "puts back" their hostility or annoyance. In other words, that person is refusing to recognize or accept the other person's feelings or harm them in some way. Putting back is an aggressive behavior that says, "I'm not going to put up with this nonsense." It's also a way of protecting oneself from someone who is acting excessively or inappropriately. Unfortunately, putting back can also be a way to retaliate against someone who has angered us. If these things happen at work, the result can be a trenchant and ugly labor dispute.

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