What is another word for costless?

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[ kˈɒstləs], [ kˈɒstləs], [ k_ˈɒ_s_t_l_ə_s]

Synonyms for Costless:

How to use "Costless" in context?

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so it stands to reason that there is no such thing as a costless endeavor. In order to achieve anything, there will always be some sort of associated costs. Whether it is time, money, or effort, everything comes with a price. Often, the costs of something are worth the benefits of it. There are, of course, some endeavors that are inherently less costly than others. For example, taking a walk in the park is usually much cheaper than going to the movies. However, there are also plenty of activities that are relatively cheap but don't offer all that much benefit.

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