What is another word for craw?

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The word "craw" is commonly used to refer to the crop of a bird, where food is stored before being digested. However, there are several other synonyms for this term. For example, the word "gullet" is used to refer to the esophagus or food pipe and can also be seen as a synonym for craw. "Cropsack" is another word used in reference to the craw. Additionally, the word "maw" can be used as a synonym for craw and refers to the stomach or digestive system of a bird or animal. Other potential synonyms include "crop pouch," "gular pouch," and "ingluvies".

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    There's no mistaking it when you see a crawfish, those long, spindly legs moving around frantically in search of something to eat. Crawfish, or mudbugs, have earned the reputation of being one of the nastiest and most dangerous creatures in Louisiana-though there's little danger to humans from these crustaceans.

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