What is another word for commode?

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A commode is a type of furniture used for storing clothes or it can be an alternate term for a toilet. There are various words that can substitute "commode" in different contexts. The word "wardrobe" is a synonym for a piece of furniture used for storing clothes, while "cabinet" can describe a smaller version of a wardrobe or a piece of furniture with shelves. "Lavatory" is an alternate term for a toilet, while "restroom" and "toilette" are synonyms for a room containing a toilet or public bathroom. "Chamber pot" can also be a synonym for commode, which refers to a container used for urinating or defecating when a toilet is not available.

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A commode is a piece of furniture used to dispose of human waste. Older versions of the commode consisted of a small platform with a hole in the center, from which the user would relieve themselves. More recent designs have a toilet attachment with a few buttons that operate a chain. When finished, the chain pulls the cover down, sealing the waste inside until it can be removed by a serviceperson.

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