What is another word for crawfish?

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Crawfish, also known as crayfish or crawdads, are freshwater crustaceans that resemble miniature lobsters. They live in streams, rivers, and ponds and are popularly consumed throughout the southern United States. If you're looking for synonyms for this tasty treat, there are several options to choose from. Some possible alternatives include mudbugs, yabbies, and freshwater lobsters. Other regional variations include ditch prawns, minilobsters, and crawly creatures. Regardless of what you call them, crawfish are a delicious and unique addition to any seafood dish. So whether you're boiling them up in a Cajun-style boil or using them as a garnish in a gourmet meal, these crustaceans are sure to impress.

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    There really isn't much more to say about crawfish that hasn't been said before. They're Louisiana's state fish, and rightfully so. Crawfish are inexpensive, easy to cook, and taste great. How could you go wrong?

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