What is another word for wring?

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Wring is a word that is used to describe the act of twisting or squeezing something in order to extract liquid from it. Synonyms for wring might include words like squeeze, twist, compress, or flatten. These words all describe the same basic action of applying pressure in order to extract moisture or other fluids from an object. Other related words might include expressions like extract, press, or press out, which imply a similar kind of physical effort being exerted in order to achieve a desired result. Overall, the word wring is just one of many ways to describe the physical act of applying pressure, and there are a wealth of related expressions that can be used to describe similar processes.

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    Wring is a verb that means to twist and squeeze something, usually to remove water from it. Some antonyms for wring include moisten, hydrate, saturate, and soak, all of which involve adding moisture to something. These words are associated with replenishing or providing something rather than removing or depleting it. Other antonyms for wring include unravel, ease, loosen, and unscrew, which involve undoing or loosening something rather than tightening or squeezing it. These words are associated with making something less restricted or freeing it. By understanding the antonyms of wring, you can better comprehend its meaning and usage.

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    Usage examples for Wring

    Caliph Abdullahi frowned, the Greek gnawed his mustache, and began to wring his hands.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    It was he, whose heart I wanted to wring.
    "The Locusts' Years"
    Mary Helen Fee
    Who was there to capture you, and wring anything from you?
    "The Man from Jericho"
    Edwin Carlile Litsey

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