What is another word for demarcate?

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Demarcate refers to the act of establishing boundaries or marking off a specific area or territory. Some common synonyms for demarcate include delineate, define, specify, outline, and establish. Each of these words conveys a similar idea of setting limits or marking boundaries, though they may also have slightly different connotations depending on the context in which they are used. For instance, delineate tends to focus more on the specific details and characteristics of a boundary, while establish may imply a more formal or official process of creating a boundary. Nonetheless, all these synonyms convey the essential notion of marking off or setting apart a distinct area or territory.

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    Synonyms for Demarcate:

    How to use "Demarcate" in context?

    1. To mark out a dividing line between two or more objects, places, or sections of a work.

    2. To establish clearly the limits or extent of something.

    3. To determine or fix the lines of demarcation between different social classes or groups.

    4. A boundary line between two countries, provinces, or county territories.

    5. In Anglo-Saxon law, a writ confirming a partition of woodland, an estate in land, or a manor.

    6. A line on a map or chart separating different levels of geographical units.

    7. The act of distinguishing or presenting as different.

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