What is another word for brainwash?

Pronunciation: [bɹˈe͡ɪnwɒʃ] (IPA)

Brainwash is a term used to describe the act of manipulating someone's thoughts or beliefs. Other synonyms for the term include indoctrinate, condition, program, influence, sway, and inculcate. These words all convey the idea of influencing someone's perspective through persuasion or manipulation. While the term brainwash is often associated with negative connotations, some may argue that it can also be a positive force in society when used to promote beneficial behavior or ideas. Nevertheless, it's important to be mindful of the ethical implications of trying to change someone's beliefs without their informed consent. So, whether you use the term brainwash or one of its synonyms, be aware of the power of your words and actions.

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What are the opposite words for brainwash?

Brainwash, which is the act of forcibly indoctrinating someone with a specific set of beliefs, behaviors or values, has a few different antonyms that emphasize different aspects of the process. One is "unbrainwash," which refers to the act of undoing the effects of brainwashing and restoring an individual's ability to think and act independently. Another possible antonym is "enlighten," which implies the process of broadening someone's perspective and helping them see beyond the narrow confines of a particular ideology or belief system. Lastly, the term "liberate," which emphasizes the freedom and autonomy that comes with breaking free from coercive influences and establishing one's own unique identity and values, could also be considered an antonym of brainwash.

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How did they brainwash you?
"The Samurai Strategy"
Thomas Hoover

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  • I couldn't sleep for two years, they tried to break my nerves. They used a lot of psychology to brainwash.
    Mordechai Vanunu

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