What is another word for insistent?

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When you want to convey the idea of being persistent and determined in your actions and demands, the word "insistent" may not sound strong enough. In such cases, you can use plenty of synonyms to express the same idea more forcefully. "Tenacious" is an excellent option that suggests you are holding onto something tightly and will not let it go easily. "Persistent" denotes a resilient attitude that remains unchanged despite setbacks and obstacles. "Determined" implies a strong motivation to achieve your goals at any cost. "Dogged" has a slightly negative connotation that indicates stubbornness and rigidity. "Inflexible" is another synonym that means not willing to compromise or adapt.

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    "insistent" is a word that has many definitions. It can mean persevering, stubborn, and unyielding. It is often used when someone is trying to get someone to do something. For example, the person might say, "Please be more insistent." Another example would be when someone is asking for a favor and they keep asking until the other person agrees.

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