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Annexed is a word that refers to the action of joining or adding something to an existing thing or area. Some of the synonyms that can be used instead of annexed are added, incorporated, joined, attached, merged, united, or fused. These terms imply the combination of two or more elements that become part of a larger entity. The word annexed is often used in a legal context to refer to the incorporation of a territory into a country or state. However, it can also be applied in other contexts such as the connection of documents, the joining of buildings, or the attachment of a garden to a house.

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How to use "Annexed" in context?

The word "Annexed" is derived from the Latin word "annexus," meaning "to come or go near to." When describing a territory or colony that has been added to another country, the word "annexed" is used. Annexation can take place through peaceful means, such as negotiations and treaties, or it can be a result of war.

Annexation is often controversial, and it can lead to disputes between the countries involved. The reasons for annexing a territory or colony can vary, but most often it is done in order to gain control over the land, its resources, and its people.

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