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Ransom is a term that is associated with paying a sum of money or releasing valuable items in exchange for someone or something held captive. Some synonyms for the word ransom are redemption, release, liberation, and deliverance. Redemption refers to a person being freed from their captivity by paying a certain amount of ransom. Release signifies the act of freeing someone or something from bondage. Liberation implies freeing someone from a state of captivity or oppression. Lastly, deliverance means rescuing someone or something from captivity or imminent danger. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with the word ransom, depending on the context in which it is used.

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How to use "Ransom" in context?

Ransom is a practice in which someone kidnaps someone in order to ask for a ransom, with the expectation that the hostage will be freed if the ransom is paid. It is a form of extortion. In the early days of piracy, ransoms were often paid to free hostages from pirates.

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