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The word "atone" means to make amends or to right a wrong. There are several synonyms for this word such as repent, apologize, make restitution, make up for, compensate, and rectify. Repent indicates remorse for a wrongdoing, while apologize suggests the offering of an apology. Make restitution means to pay for damages or losses incurred by one's actions. Make up for means to compensate for something by doing something else. Compensate means to make amends or compensate for something that has been lost or taken away. Rectify means to set right or correct something that is wrong. These synonyms help to convey the idea of making amends for a previous mistake or wrongdoing.

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How to use "Atone" in context?

Atone means to make amends for. When you atone for something, you perform an action that makes up for the damage you caused. This may be by apologizing, performing charity work, compensating someone, or any other way that makes you feel better. Often, atonement is a way to heal damaged relationships.

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