What is another word for upper-class?

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The term "upper-class" generally refers to a social group with higher economic status and more privileges than the rest of society. Some synonyms for "upper-class" include "elite," "aristocratic," "privileged," "affluent," "high-class," "wealthy," "posh," "exclusive," "upper-crust," and "high-society." These words evoke a sense of luxury, refinement, and exclusivity, and are often used to describe people, neighborhoods, and events associated with wealth and status. While these words may be useful in certain contexts, they can also perpetuate class divisions and reinforce stereotypes about people with high socioeconomic status.

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How to use "Upper-class" in context?

The term "upper class" is often used in the context of socio-economic status to refer to individuals who are wealthier, have more education, or other advantageous factors than those in the lower class. In the United States, the term upper class is often used to refer to people who live in wealthier neighborhoods or have more expensive lifestyles. In many cases, people in the upper class are also better educated than those in the lower class, which can give them a leg up in the job market.

People in the upper class often have more money than they need, which they can spend on things like expensive cars, jewelry, and vacations.

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