What is another word for creditable?

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Creditable is an adjective that describes something worthy of belief or commendation. It can be used to describe a person's behavior, work, or accomplishments. Synonyms for creditable include credible, trustworthy, reliable, accountable, reputable, and praiseworthy. These words convey a sense of reliability, honesty, and excellence. A credible source is one that is reliable and trustworthy. Trustworthy and reliable describe people or things that can be counted on to do what they say or to be consistent. Reputable is often used to describe a business or organization with a good reputation. Praiseworthy is a synonym for creditable which acknowledges accomplishment or success.

Synonyms for Creditable:

How to use "Creditable" in context?

1. A word that describes something that is reliable, truthful, and justified.

2. The quality of being deserving of credit, approval, or respect.

3. A mark of excellence, respect, or esteem.

4. Merited, appropriate, or appropriate for the occasion.

5. Composed of or constituting credit.

6. Having the qualities or qualifications necessary to be credited with something.

7. A document that lists the names of the creditors of a company and the amount of their claims.

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